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    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on May 22nd, 2018

    As of May 25th 2018, Europe changes the way that businesses collect and process data, through its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation affects all the organizations processing data of EU residents, and therefore all hotels globally.

    To ensure compliance with the GDPR hotels have to undertake several actions to guarantee that they:

    • acquire personal data only upon the consent of their guests
    • have control of their personnel’s access to the guests’ data
    • have control of the data that is provided to third parties
    • share data only with GDPR compliant third parties (software, agents, outsourcing)
    • give guests access to their personal data that is stored by the hotel
    • use the personal data of their guests only for the purpose that it was collected for
    • store safely and protect the personal data collected

    The term “personal data” may refer to anything from a name, an email address, a photo, a bank account, posts on social media, or a computer IP address.
    Should you need more detailed information regarding the GDPR for hotels you may visit the following official websites of the European Union.


    Get a GDPR compliant hotel booking engine

    In order to guarantee your hotel’s GDPR compliance, you will need to use a GDPR compliant booking engine.

    Bookwize is a hotel booking system that always acts in accordance with the latest safety regulations, to fulfill the demands of the global data security standards.

    By using advanced security technology and setting strict procedures in data access, Bookwize ensures that the personal data of the hotels’ guests is treated at the utmost level of security.