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  • Hotel Booking Engine vs OTA: Be Loyal
    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on January 9th, 2018

    Achieving a high percentage of repeat guests is an important asset for every hotel. Persuading your repeaters to rebook through your direct channel is a moneymaker.
    Both independent hotels and hotel chains need to discover the best practices in order to turn their loyal clients to loyal bookers.

    OTA Loyalty Programs

    OTAs have their own Repeater Loyalty Programs. Expedia+ and VIP Access members get access to special deals. reveals special rates to its members and the attendants of its Genius Program. Rewards program offers 1 free night for every 10 nights booked through their channel. Various other award programs have been created by almost every OTA.

    The main advantage of the OTA Loyalty Programs is that they offer awards not only for a specific hotel or for a single hotel chain, but for thousands of hotels within their inventory. In addition, their clientele database and targeted audience is huge in comparison with that of single hotels or chains.

    Hotel Loyalty Programs

    On the other hand, the main advantage of a hotel is guests’ familiarity after staying in the property and the ability to aim towards a thoroughly targeted audience.

    The hotel’s loyalty program does not target a wide list of diverse potential clients; it targets guests who have already experienced the hotel’s product and therefore has the ability to offer them more personalized deals and alternatives.

    Be Loyal

    In order to make your guests be loyal to your booking channel, you should first convince them that you are loyal to them. Offer to your repeat guests the best rates in comparison to any other channel and highlight the value that you offer them.

    Give them access to special pages on your website, where they can track their reservations and explore the special deals that you provide specifically to them.
    Don’t stick only to discounted rates. Try to find more creative ways to reward them. Or even better offer a combination of a discount and an upgraded experience.

    Get the software that suits your needs

    Providing these options to your loyal guests, requires the use of innovative and effective hotel software.

    Bookwize, gives you the tools that you need through its Membership Feature in order to track your repeat guests and provide them with discounted rates and packages, offered only to them.