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  • Which is the best booking engine integration option for my hotel?
    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on November 29th, 2019

    Checking various hotel websites, you will notice that there is not just a single way of adding your hotel booking engine on your website. From a simple link that redirects your guests to an external link, to a fully integrated booking engine in your website pages, there are multiple options that you may choose, depending mostly on the technical superiority of both your booking engine and your website.

    There are 3 main practices to connect your hotel website with your booking engine:

    1. Standalone Booking Engine
    2. Integrated Booking Engine
    3. Liquid Integrated Booking Engine


    Standalone Booking Engine

    The standalone version is the simplest and most usual way of connecting your booking engine with your website. The only action that you need to make is to add the link to your booking engine’s url in your website and in your Call to Action buttons.

    So, when the guest clicks on the link, he is redirected to an external link that does not have the same layout with your website and changes the user experience in a crucial step: the booking procedure. Such a choice may have a significantly negative impact on your conversion ratio.


    Integrated Booking Engine

    In order to increase the level of trust in the booking procedure and enhance the brand of the hotel, the Integrated Booking Engine is smoothly embedded in your hotel website. The whole booking procedure is completed in your website, the guest doesn’t consider the booking engine as a separate platform, his/her confidence that the whole procedure is secure and trustworthy increases and the hotel’s direct reservations conversion is boosted.


    Liquid Integrated Booking Engine

    The Liquid version of the hotel booking engine integration in the hotel’s website, is a state-of-the-art solution that has been developed by Bookwize that elevates the hotel website to an e-commerce platform. The booking engine is not only integrated, but every single page of the hotel website can be converted to a commercial page. The guest can complete the booking from any page of the website (room type page, hotel gallery, offer pages), skipping the usual linear booking procedure.


    Bookwize Solutions

    Bookwize is a flexible hotel booking engine that offers all these options, so the hotels can choose the best booking engine integration option to fit better their needs. Either using Bookwize’s free WordPress plugins to integrate the booking engine in a WordPress website, either contacting Bookwize Team to provide you with the necessary source code, it is quite easy to embed smoothly the booking procedure in your hotel website and increase significantly your hotel’s direct reservations.

    Contact Bookwize Team for more information on your integration options.