Integrated Booking Engine

Liquid by Bookwize introduces a cutting edge booking experience for your website’s guests.

An integration proposal that leaves linear booking procedures behind
and joins the future of hotel website reservations.

Why go Liquid?
Improve User Experience
CONSISTENT EXPERIENCE Visitors do not change page or url, having increased confidence and trust to the booking procedure.
SEAMLESS INTEGRATION The booking engine is integrated in your hotel's website having complete customization according to your hotel's look and feel.
ENRICH INFORMATIVE PAGES Promote your rates directly from the most important pages of your hotel's website, such as Rooms, Offers and Gallery Pages.
Understand your Audience
MEASURE USERS' BEHAVIOR Data is being collected directly from the first search actions of the visitors of your website.
UNDERSTAND YOUR DEMAND Through Demand reports of Bookwize you have accurate information for your future demand.
Increase Conversions
BOOST CONVERSION RATES Trust of user to the booking is increased and hotel sells through all the pages of the website.
MAKE ANY PAGE A COMMERCIAL PAGE All of the hotel's website's pages are used as promotional tools, promoting actual rates. "Complete reservation" is just one click away.
PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION FOR YOUR DIRECT REVENUE CHANNEL Bookwize is created by professionals of hotel industry and developers dedicated to hotel websites.
Compare Flows
Common flow
On Rooms Page, you get indicative rates
On Rooms Page, you get actual rates
Common flow
On Offers Page, there is a generic Book Now button
On Offers Page, you get actual rates and can choose your room
Common flow
Room Rates should be opened in a new window
Room Rates are promoted in the hotel's website
Common flow
The Reservation is made in an external page
The Reservation is made in the hotel's website