Instantly manage all booking channels

Bookwize is smoothly connected to your website and all major OTA’s plus it can easily be integrated to your hotel’s PMS allowing you to easily manage instantly all reservations from one page.

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Channel manager

Distribution channel management

Bookwize’s channel manager allows you to collect and organize your hotel’s direct bookings along with all hotel reservations from different booking channels at once. Our hotel channel manager helps you efficiently manage your hotel’s online distribution through several channels while simultaneously increasing your visibility. Managing multiple channels can be time consuming and very confusing so make sure to use our channel management system that enables you to manage real-time hotel distribution faster and more reliably than ever before.

Property Management Software (PMS)

Intergrated with PMSs

Our hotel’s channel manager offers seamless integration between several booking channels and your PMS so as to easily update your hotel’s availability online and automatically receive reservations from your website or other hotel distribution channels.

  • Fidelio
  • Pylon
  • Protel
  • Perseus
  • HotelTime
  • Netera
  • BlueByte
  • Ermis
  • Hotelist

Hotel website

Smooth website transition

Bookwize can be immediately connected to your hotel’s website. The set-up time is fast as it is installed simply by adding a link to your hotel website through which site visitors can book online or submit a request. Bookwize can also be seamlessly embedded in your website’s design.

Travel meta search engines

Connect with TripAdvisor and Trivago

Bookwize’s Travel Manager connects your hotel’s website directly to most of the world’s major travel reviews website. Through TripConnect and Rate Connect you can promote your hotel rates directly in your hotel’s pages on TripAdvisor and Trivago and increase your Direct Reservations.

Distribution Channels - OTAs / Meta