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    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on October 15th, 2018

    One of the most promising and advanced online challenges for the hotel sector is the integration of the hotels’ availability and rates in Google’s search results.

    Through Google Hotel Listings the rates of your hotel, available in various OTAs, are shown and compared in Google’s results with other listings of your hotel or other hotels in your area.

    Bookwize gives you the opportunity to join Google Hotel Ads and post your rates directly on Google, compare them with the rates on other channels and get more direct bookings as a result.

    Google Hotel Ads


    How much do the Google Hotel Ads cost?

    Google Hotel Ads offer two schemes of payment, as per your needs and the special characteristics of your hotel’s reservations. You can choose to pay Google Hotel Ads on a CPA (Cost per Action) basis, or you may select the Pay per Click (PPC or CPC) option.

    In order to decide which payment scheme suits your hotel you have to take the Average Reservation Revenue as well as your conversion rate under consideration. If the ratio of your Reservations’ Revenue compared to the Clicks that you have to pay to get one reservation is high, then you should better choose the PPC option. Otherwise, you must stick to the CPA basis.

    Briefly, the hotels that are active in terms of online marketing and have high Average Reservation Revenue can bring down their Sales Acquisition Costs to really low levels. Cheaper hotels or hotels that don’t feel that confident to use the bids option, can choose the easy-to-be-managed Cost per Action basis. So, there is not really a specific cost for Google Hotel Ads, their cost actually depends on your hotels’ unique characteristics and your own actions.


    How can I activate Google Hotel Ads?

    Bookwize is an Authorized Integration Partner and can connect your hotel booking engine with Google Hotel Ads. The connectivity service is provided through both our Bookwize Value and Bookwize Pro package for an extra monthly fee.

    Contact Bookwize’s sales team for more information on the procedure and the pricing schemes and share your hotel’s direct rates directly on Google’s Hotel Listings.