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    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on August 30th, 2021

    For the majority of hotels the direct booking procedure is a linear flow that includes

    a. the setting of guest preferences
    b. the presentation of the available rooms & rates and
    c. the completion of the reservation with guest and payment details.

    For most such cases, the booking engine is a separate entity than the hotel website, an issue that has a negative impact on the User Experience (UX) and consequently on the Conversion Rate of the Direct Reservations.

    Integrate the booking flow in your hotel website

    Bookwize’s Liquid Integration seamlessly embeds the booking procedure into the hotel website allowing guests to complete their direct bookings without ever leaving the website, enhancing their experience and perception about the property’s brand.

    Enter the booking process in multiple sections of your website

    By the time that your hotel guests search for availability and rates on your website, they will most probably visit more sections in order to explore their accommodation options, the facilities and services, the available offers, as well as the photo gallery. While browsing throughout the website they will select or reject specific room types and respective offers.

    In the case of the linear booking flow the website visitors will have to deal with the hassle of combining the information that they see on your website with the rates that they see on your booking engine.

    Bookwize’s Liquid Integration lets you integrate real-time information about availability and rates in the content of your website’s pages, such as on the Accommodation Overview, Room Type Pages, Offer Pages and even in the Photo Gallery.

    Liquid - Integrated booking engine by Bookwize

    This functionality allows guests to complete their reservations from any commercial page of your website. At the same time the Upselling functionality, urges guests to upgrade their room, enhancing the hotel’s revenue.

    Bookwize’s Liquid Integration is a functionality used by pioneer hotels which have already confirmed huge increase in their direct reservations conversion rates.

    Contact Bookwize team and find out more about how you can use Bookwize’s state-of-the-art technology to boost your direct reservations!