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    Dimitris Rippis
    on 5 júla, 2018

    Tracking your hotel’s communication with your guests is essential.

    Guests often make mistakes, such as mistyping their email address or adding an email blocker by accident that won’t let your email reach their mailbox. Such issues may result to misunderstandings and cause excessive frustration for both you and your hotel guests.

    Having this in mind, it is crucial for the hotel to be able to check the delivery status of its emails, through a software that can provide such information.

    Bookwize Booking System has developed a new feature, granting hotels the ability to check if the Confirmation Emails of each reservation are being delivered.

    Reasons that may cause a failure sending error (temporarily or permanently) may vary; a failure sending error may be caused due to a temporary mail server conflict, a wrong email address, restrictions of the email provider or client etc. Any such case is clearly mentioned in the reservation’s Logs list, so that the hotel can act accordingly and contact the guest in another way.

    Bookwize is giving you the opportunity to improve the quality of your communication by using its particular features and increase the overall satisfaction level of your guests.