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  • Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on 14 júla, 2016

    Debates regarding the importance of promoting a hotel through OTAs and the cost of paying commissions instead of having direct reservations through a hotel’s booking engine are endless. Both sides have strong arguments and for sure it is not easy to decide on who’s side one should be on. Using online distribution channels is a great way to promote your hotel and improve visibility. It is a very effective advertising method, for which the hotel only pays any confirmed revenue! On the other hand, the commissions that are paid are high and it is essential for the hotel’s profitability toRead Morekeyboard_arrow_right

    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on 16 mája, 2016

    Channel Management Systems have been developed during the last few years in order to improve the hotel’s Reservation Department’s operation and accelerate its online presence. A hotel Channel Manager is a system that updates the availability and rates of a hotel directly to major OTAs and retrieves reservations accordingly, making it easy for the hotel to offer its rooms online, avoiding overbooking and rate parity issues. It’s a common issue among hotels not to cooperate with a lot of OTAs such as, Expedia or other smaller online distribution channels due to the extra time and personnel required to manageRead Morekeyboard_arrow_right