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    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on December 13th, 2016

    Advertising in Google AdWords has become one of the main and most cost-effective options for hotels to spread the word and attract visitors to their own websites, generating more direct reservations and reducing commission costs.

    However, even though it is a widely-used advertising practice, it is not always executed correctly due to some simple but common mistakes, such as failing to create the appropriate copy, setting the correct target audience, choosing relevant keywords and selecting the right landing pages.

    Take advantage of AdWords great potential

    It is essential, no matter whether the hotel’s AdWords campaign is managed in-house or by an outsourcing Online Marketing agency, to make sure that the investment is performed flawlessly and that the ROI can be tracked. Search Engine Marketing may be a great asset if it is done correctly but it can also cost you a huge loss of money if people in charge don’t manage it properly.

    Choose the executive or the company that will make the most from your AdWords spending. Explain your needs, plan with them your goals and track whether the Return on Investment is worthwhile.

    Use tools that will track your AdSpend ROI accurately

    You can set your goals in Google AdWords and track through it your campaign’s performance. But if you use the Bookwize Booking System the tracking of your AdWords ROI is even easier and more accurate since you can take under consideration only the confirmed reservations (cancelled ones will not be calculated) and check the impact of your campaign to reservations through other channels.

    Bookwize’s Hotel Analytics Charts and AdSpend Reports provide you with valuable information regarding your marketing investment and the revenue that was produced. Use them to track your AdWords ROI and make wiser online marketing decisions.