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  • Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on April 11th, 2017

    Evolving its hotel business intelligence tools, Bookwize has created a new reporting tool that helps hoteliers explore the quality characteristics of their guests and better understand their business. Through the “Explore Guests’ Preferences” tool you are able to categorize your guests by Type, Room Type, Rate Plan, Board, Reservation Source, Booking Window, Check-In, Check-Out Month and Country. In Type Categorization, Guests are divided into Single travelers, Couples, Families and Groups. The categorization is being made as per the occupancy requested and the Family category includes reservations of Friend getaways as well. Sort the categorizing Dimensions according to your needs andRead Morekeyboard_arrow_right

    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on April 4th, 2017

    Bookwize has been awarded for embodying the best qualities of hotel booking flow in the Liquid Booking Experience with the Silver Award in the Digital Presence and Marketing category of the Tourism Awards 2017. Join Bookwize and benefit from the innovations proposed by this awarded technology!

    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on March 30th, 2017

    One of the most important factors in data analysis is to be able to compare information based on respective conditions. However, having the accurate values for any time frame that you may need is usually more than challenging. The lack of the values needed forces hotel revenue managers to make approximate estimations in comparison with similar but not identical circumstances. Bookwize’s Business Intelligence reporting system gives you the chance to compare current data with statistics of previous periods and track your performance to the performance review of the same day of last year. Just click on the Snapshot box andRead Morekeyboard_arrow_right

    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on February 24th, 2017

    One of the major defects of many hotel booking engines compared to the OTAs is their inability to be adapted to the flexibility demanded by both the hotels and their guests. OTAs are aware of the importance of responding to the guests’ needs and always go the extra mile to meet them. Your website and your booking engine should do the same. Eliminate Clicks Don’t create barriers between your guests and the “Complete Reservation” Button. You must be loyal to the “minimum clicks” philosophy, which dictates that you have to eliminate the actions that a user must make from theRead Morekeyboard_arrow_right

    Vangelis Lagoutaris
    on December 13th, 2016

    Advertising in Google AdWords has become one of the main and most cost-effective options for hotels to spread the word and attract visitors to their own websites, generating more direct reservations and reducing commission costs. However, even though it is a widely-used advertising practice, it is not always executed correctly due to some simple but common mistakes, such as failing to create the appropriate copy, setting the correct target audience, choosing relevant keywords and selecting the right landing pages. Take advantage of AdWords great potential It is essential, no matter whether the hotel’s AdWords campaign is managed in-house or byRead Morekeyboard_arrow_right